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Public Art & The Public Art Commission

What is the 1% for Art Initiative?

Nebraska’s 1% for Art law has been in effect since 1978, and has generated more than $5 million in artwork for Nebraska’s state buildings, state colleges and the University of Nebraska system. The number of projects generated each year is dependent on legislative appropriations for one) new construction in excess of $500,000 and two) remodeling or renovation of a public building in excess of $250,000. Buildings meeting this criteria must be open to public access in order for a project to take effect. An Art Selection Committee is then established for each project to determine the criteria for suitable locations, art forms, and artist eligibility.

I found public art, but it isn’t on your website.

Please let us know! Contact Us with as many details as possible, and we will consider it for inclusion. You can download the directions to apply here.

I see some public art that has graffiti.

Please report it to the Mayor’s hotline at (402) 444-5555. Thank you!

An artwork is in need of some repair or maintenance.

Thanks for caring about our art, too! Contact us here with as much information as possible. We will have it inspected and get in touch with the artist and the appropriate departments.

My organization wants to make a mural or other artwork. What do we need to do?

Come talk to us! Our meetings are monthly and you can get on our agenda by e-mailing Sydney Moore at

I am opening a new gallery, can I be listed on your website?

Sure! Contact Us here and tell us about your gallery.