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What is the Omaha
Public Art Commission?

The Public Art Commission makes recommendations on the acceptance, placement, and care of artwork to be donated or acquired by the city. The volunteer commissioners are appointed by the mayor and act as an advisory committee to other city boards in all matters regarding visual arts and aesthetics. Our mission is to enhance and improve the city environment by introducing quality visual art into our public spaces.

What is Public Art?

Public Art is art that is viewable and/or accessible without a fee on public property. Learn more about submitting art to be featured by the Commission.

How Can I Be a Part of Public Art?

All of us can work together to keep Omaha’s public art collection vibrant. Allow exploration of public artworks to be your gateway to parts of the city you don’t often visit. Become familiar with the artworks closer to home and let us know if they are in need of repair. Or commission an artist to create a work that activates your neighborhood park or tells the story of your community.

Where can I view Public art in Omaha?

You can view public art in a number of surprising places throughout the Omaha area. Use the link below to search our archive for specific works, or to check our map for the locations of public artworks near you.