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A Molloscock's Inversion of Sky and Sea , 2010

by Tim Guthrie; Maggie Weber


Mediums: Mural, Paint

Location: Mid-Town; 6053 Binney Street west side of the Benson Professional Building

Owner: The Professional Building

Series: Benson Mural Project

Additional Information: In 2009, seven people gathered with the common purpose of transforming a portion of Benson’s environment through creative neighborhood projects. After much brainstorming they settled on a public art venture in the form of a mural project. The seven represented Leadership Omaha Class 31, itself a project of the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce. The group contacted Benson High School and 12 artists submitted their ideas.

Family Dollar Mural , unknown

by Maggie Weber; Janie Helt; Abby Chambers; Rachele Johnson


Mediums: Mural, Acrylic

Location: Downtown; 3552 Leavenworth Street

Owner: Kent Bellows Studio and Foundation

Series: Kent Bellows Studio Murals

Additional Information: With a dynamic vision for Omaha’s future and a unique and versatile curriculum model, The Kent Bellows Studio & Center for Visual Arts is proud to encourage the development of inspired, engaged citizens dedicated to their community. At Kent Bellows, high school students of all backgrounds take classroom techniques to the next level. They develop their own intensive course of study, setting personal goals and overcoming creative obstacles. While working hands-on up to 20 hours a month with the finest professional artists in the metro, our students build critical thinking and problem-solving skills, tenacity, and a lifelong drive for innovation. The mentor on this project was Jamie Helt and the Young Artists involved were Abby Chambers, Maggie Webber and Rachele Johnson

In Loving Memory of Ty and Terri Schenzel , August 2015

by Maggie Weber


Mediums: Mural, Paint

Location: North Omaha; 2200 North 20th Street Omaha, NE 68110 (in the back of the building)

Owner: Hope Center for Kids

Series: The Union for Contemporary Art's Neighborhood Arts Program

Morton Meadows , August 2016

by Maggie Weber; Weston Thomson; Samantha Vargas; Claire Lagemann; Ricardo Trejo; Haley Whitesel; Nick Gentillalli


Mediums: Mural, Mixed Media, Acrylic, Paint, Aerosol

Location: Mid-Town; 808 S. 42nd Street Mural is on the north side of the small brick building.

Owner: Morton Meadows Neighborhood Association

Additional Information: This mural was commissioned by the Morton Meadows Neighborhood Association, and was executed by the Kent Bellows Mentoring Program's 2016 Summer Urban Arts group. This mural was commissioned by the Morton Meadows Neighborhood Association, and was executed by the Kent Bellows Mentoring Program's 2016 Summer Urban Arts group.

Sedusa , 2012

by Maggie Weber; Nicholas Clark


Mediums: Mural, Acrylic, Aerosol

Location: Mid-Town; 4556 Leavenworth St

Owner: Leavenworth Bar

Additional Information: The Leavenworth Bar mural was a collaboration of Maggie Weber and Nicholas Clark. Maggie has worked on multiple murals in the past, and saw LB's large white wall as a perfect canvas to display new work. The design they created was formed from different drawings and added input from other artist friends. They then gridded out the bricks of the wall and measured our design to match. They borrowed ladders from the bar, and only had one that barely reached the top of the wall so they had to come in at separate times when they got closer to finishing the mural. The artists used mostly Blickrylic, Golden, and latex house paint. They say that hardest part about this mural was that they both had so many ideas.

1-6 of 6 results. Page: 1