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Ashlars , 2013

by Charles Fisher


Mediums: Paint, Aluminum

Location: Downtown; 202 South 20th Street Courtyard of the Scottish Rite

Owner: Scottish Rite

Additional Information: The artist's inspiration for this piece was the Masonic concept of the Rough Ashlar and the Perfect Ashlar. Using the symbolism of the medieval stone masons who traveled Europe building the great cathedrals, the ashlars are central to Freemasonry. The rough ashlar represents an imperfect stone hewn from the quarry and the perfect ashlar, represents the same stone, after the craftsman has carved the stone. In Freemasonry, the ashlars represent the symbolic journey from imperfection toward perfection through education, our own work, and faith. Every Lodge, whether it is in Nebraska or elsewhere in the United States, or any Masonic Lodge in the world, will prominently have a rough and perfect Ashlar in the room to remind members of that symbolic journey.

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