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Grey Matter , May 2012

by Brian Hamilton


Mediums: Mural, Mixed Media

Location: Downtown; Grain Sil0 3417 Vinton St. Omaha NE

Owner: Emerging Terrain

Series: Stored Potential Two

Additional Information: Grey Matter manifests an effort to restructure the perceptual hierarchy of the biological, behavioral, and infrastructural/material patterns that exhibit our existence. Viewed from afar, a defined depiction of a neuron is the predominant feature of the graphic. Upon closer examination, the delineation of the neuron becomes an indistinct figure amidst a dense ground of mapped vectors. These vectors embody a diversity of both corporeal and metaphysical interactions – be it the biologically scripted behavior of social insect colonies, historical human settlement and transportation patterns, or the nodal recursive branching model of digital communication networks. Within the dense environment of Grey Matter, the “natural” and “synthetic” networks mingle. The two-dimensional graphic was generated by bridging several 3d modeling platforms, involving generative simulation and intuitive topological mesh modification to create an aesthetic stability between chaos and coalescence.

1-1 of 1 results. Page: 1