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Prairie Sun

by Paul Konchagulian


Mediums: Steel

Location: Downtown; On the north side of Vinton Street, between 15th and 16th Streets.

Owner: City of Omaha

Additional Information: The Omaha Public Art Commission unanimously approved Omaha by Design's sculpture project at their October 12th, 2016 meeting and accepted the work into the City of Omaha’s Public Art Collection.

Praxis , 1981

by Dan Peragine


Mediums: Steel

Location: Downtown; Hanscom Park 32nd and Woolworth Avenues

Owner: City of Omaha

Additional Information: Commissioned for the Nebraska Sculpture Garden through the state’s One Percent for Art Program. Sandblasted 1/2" Steel Plate Construction

Reading Garden , 1999

by Catherine Ferguson


Mediums: Bronze, Wood

Location: West; Millard Branch Public Library 13214 Westwood Lane

Owner: City of Omaha

Additional Information: Representative of the earthen effigy mounds left by prehistoric people along the Mississippi River in Iowa before 1300 A.D. Look carefully to pick out 15 shapes of animals that the mounds symbolized. “Reading Garden” was the winner of a 1997 competition sponsored by the Omaha Public Library Board of Trustees and the City of Omaha Public Arts Commission. The outdoor sculpture is designed for story times and musical performances

Rebar , 2010

by Randy Brown


Mediums: Rebar

Location: Gene Leahy Mall; Gene Leahy Mall, upper level west side of the Mall, 14th Street

Owner: City of Omaha (Parks Recreation)

Series: Take A Seat

Additional Information: Sponsored by Randy Brown Architects. The idea evolved from watching the construction of highways and seeing all of the rebar that goes into the concrete pours. Our vision was to pull this rebar out of the concrete and sculpt it to create spaces for sitting and talking. The concrete pad is also the structural component that anchors all of our rebars back into the ground.

Reflection , Dedicated M

by Mary McCawley; Brad Swerczek; Dipti Trivedi; Brad Young; Dan Rhodes


Mediums: Steel

Location: Gene Leahy Mall; Gene Leahy Mall Farnam street side, lower level near the water, east of 13th Street.

Owner: City of Omaha (Parks Recreation)

Series: Take A Seat

Additional Information: Donated by HDR Architecture, LOOK Architectural Coatings, Chris Kemp and Great Plains Polymers.The three guiding principles for the design were: that it reflects the design principles of Landscape Architecture; that it has a back to be comfortable for all age groups and that it is long lasting. The inspiration for the three seated bench is the natural succession of plant material from budding to full bloom; much like the growth of the City of Omaha. This progression is depicted in three acrylic panels, one on each of the seat back panels. The smooth metal framework is a blend of smooth curves and strong geometric lines that reflect the natural curved edges of the water and the geometric grid line of the surrounding City’s built patterns. The hope is that this bench welcomes the user to sit back, enjoy the surroundings of our beautiful City and REFLECT.

Respect One Another , 1999

by Chad Grimm; Kevin Strehle


Mediums: Metal

Location: Mid-Town; Roberts Park north of 78th & Cass.

Owner: City of Omaha

Additional Information: The City of Omaha's first skate park was opened October 25, 1999 at Roberts Park. The two silhouettes of skate boarders watch over the park entrance. They are dedicated to the memory of Mathew Kress and Tommy Craft who campaigned for a place where skateboarders would be welcome. The plaque reads: "RESPECT ONE ANOTHER In Memory of Mathew Kress and Tommy Craft".

River Critters , 2008

by Andrew Dufford


Mediums: Stone

Location: Omaha-Council Bluffs Bridge; Omaha Plaza at the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, 705 Riverfront Drive

Owner: City of Omaha

Additional Information: A unique youth play area is included in the Omaha Plaza at Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge. This play area was designed to interpret the plight of various river wildlife through “River Critters” exhibits.

Scrolls , 2012

by Matt Babe; Gerard Pefung; Walker Greene; John Anderson


Mediums: Mural, Aerosol

Location: Downtown; W Dale Clark Library 215 South 15th Street

Owner: City of Omaha

Additional Information: These murals were created by local high school students under the guidance of professional mentors from the Kent Bellows Studio.

Serenity , 2010

by Jeremy Carlson; Caleb Rogers; Dwayne Brown


Mediums: Steel

Location: Gene Leahy Mall; Gene Leahy Mall, corner of 10th Street and Douglas

Owner: City of Omaha (Parks Recreation)

Series: Take A Seat

Additional Information: Donated by Studio 360 Architecture. The design team wanted to create a unique bench that meets the needs of pedestrians, bicyclist and city transit users. It was important to create a bench that was inviting, comfortable and timeless. This was done by using a simple form that is iconic of a bench; this allows the user to focus on the function of bench first and foremost while the design is played up in the details. Gene Leahy Mall was a major contributor to the design. The bench pays homage to the park by using similar colors and construction techniques. The bench mimics the cast-in-place concrete and wood inserts of varying depths used throughout the park; the primary steel elements are painted orange to match the light fixtures that surround the park. Serenity is constructed of steel (tube and plate) with a concrete anchor and base. The simple form of the bench also includes the ability for temporary bike storage. Concrete base was cast in place concrete with “Dur-a-pell” Anti-graffiti coating by Chem Probe. The tube steel is powder coated in white while the plate steel is powder coated in orange.

Shadow Box , 2005

by Tom Sitzman


Mediums: Steel

Location: Gene Leahy Mall; Gene Leahy Mall, east side of 10th Street between Farnam and Douglas. Sculpture is located next to the water

Owner: City of Omaha

Series: Wind & Water Exhibition

Additional Information: This piece is designed to look different from every angle. The cutouts shadow and give dimension to the space without filling it. The shadows are as important as the sculpture itself. I want people to play with the space, shapes and shadows and be interactive with the art by looking through it, touching it and going inside it.

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