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Dundee Subway Mural , 2016


Mediums: Mural, Collage

Location: Mid-Town; UNDER Dodge Street, along the west side of 51st Street

Owner: City of Omaha

Ex-POW Monument , 2009

by Carl Weiss


Mediums: Granite

Location: Mid-Town; Memorial Park, 60th & Underwood Avenue

Owner: City of Omaha

Additional Information: The Monument is dedicated to the men and women who served their country with great pride and had the misfortune to be prisoners of war. The Monument is made of black granite with a rough cut back and polished front. The black granite represents the black ribbon flanked by red, white and blue from which the ex-POW’s medal hangs. The rough cut represents the harshness and despair the POW’s were subject to in captivity. The polished front has an explanation of the monument. At the top of the polished front is a cast bronze replica of the medal awarded to the ex-POW. Below are the 5 branches of the service, cast in aluminum.

Firefighters Memorial (The Protector) , 2009

by Matthew J. Placzek


Mediums: Bronze

Location: Downtown; Lewis & Clark Landing 515 Riverfront Drive

Owner: City of Omaha

Additional Information: This original bronze sculpture is a memorial to Omaha’s fallen firefighters. Each of the 55 men who lost their lives protecting the Omaha community is recognized with a bronze plaque located within the memorial. The monument commemorates the courageous acts and lives given in the line of duty. “The Protector” was donated by Firefighters Union 385.

Frankie's Pain , 2004

by Tim Zweiback


Mediums: Steel

Location: Gene Leahy Mall; Gene Leahy Mall 1302 Farnam

Owner: City of Omaha

Series: Wind & Water Exhibition

Additional Information: 2004 “Wind & Water” Sculpture Exhibition. Presented by the Omaha Summer Arts Festival. The sculpture was purchased by RDG Architects and donated to the city for permanent display.

Gerald R Ford , 1980

by Jonathan Haschka; Nick Chiburis


Mediums: Bronze

Location: Downtown; Gerald R Ford birth site 32nd and Woolworth. Located in the gardens.

Owner: City of Omaha

Additional Information: The President Gerald R. Ford Birth site and Gardens commemorates the birth of Leslie King, Jr., who later became Gerald R. Ford, Jr. and was eventually sworn in as the thirty-eighth president of the United States of America in 1974. In 1971 President Ford's birthplace home was razed following a fire. Upon Ford's succession to the presidency in 1974, Omaha businessman James M. Paxton purchased the property intending to build a memorial on the site. In 1977 the birth site was dedicated.

Golden Rod , 2010

by Vanessa Schutte


Mediums: Steel

Location: Gene Leahy Mall; Gene Leahy Mall, southeast corner of 14th & Douglas, street level.

Owner: City of Omaha (Parks Recreation)

Series: Take A Seat

Additional Information: Donated by DLR Group and SiteScapes, Inc. Inspiration for the design was the simple beauty of Nebraska’s State Flower the Goldenrod and the desire to create a bench that focuses on act of communicating. The “bench” is comprised of six individual curved forms of varying height. The sweeping arcs of the seats wrap the corner of 14th and Douglas Street creating space for conversation both on the street side of the bench and within the park. Three of the goldenrods cantilever from the earth reaching into the sidewalk and the park reflecting the reaching nature of the Goldenrod. The Goldenrod is constructed of a 1/2" steel framework, with a 10 gauge steel seating area. It is a fully welded unit and is surface mounting with a 1/2" stainless steel mounting plate. The finish is sandblasted and pretreated powder coat finish; polyester, exterior rated RAL 1037 "yellow".

Heritage , 1984

by Herb Mignery


Mediums: Bronze

Location: Downtown; Between 12th and 13th streets on Douglas. Directly to the south of the Holland Performing Arts Center.

Owner: City of Omaha

Additional Information: Gift from the Boy Scouts of America-Mid American Council Heritage Patrons to the people of Omaha.

House3 , 2010

by Bruce Frasier


Mediums: Steel, Stone

Location: Gene Leahy Mall; Gene Leahy Mall , near the water, Farnam Street side of the Mall, east of 13th Street

Owner: City of Omaha (Parks Recreation)

Series: Take A Seat

Additional Information: Sponsored by Bruce Frasier Architects and Artisan Stone Company. Our inspiration comes from the simplest form and idea of a house; four walls, a pitched roof, and a place for shelter. Stone cubes allow for various viewing angles and seating positions amongst a rhythm of metal houses. The houses provide a sense of separation for multiple users; an armrest, a backrest, or a shaded place for man’s best friend. Each unit is offset from the next 6” to create a pattern much like a house-lined street. The red color was chosen to compliment the green landscape. Black and red granite chips in the concrete blend with the red houses to create a unified brutalist design. Wood cube forms are made to the exact shape, poured with concrete, mixed with black and red granite chips for color, once cured, the concrete is lightly sandblasted to create a soft texture. Each finished cube is anchored to the concrete slab with a ¾” coil and epoxy. The joint between the concrete slab and cube is filled with a vulkem based sealant. Each cube weighs approximately 500 lbs. The houses are ¼” thick metal bent to shape. A 1/8” thick coating of rubberized truck bed liner spray is adhered to all surfaces of the house. The coating is soft to the touch and UV protected so the color never fades. Each house is anchored to the concrete slab with four anchor bolts and acorn caps.

Jazz Trio , 2005

by Littleton Alston


Mediums: Bronze

Location: Downtown; North 24th Street, Dreamland Plaza

Owner: City of Omaha

Additional Information: The sculpture is located in Dreamland Plaza. Dreamland Plaza is named for a former popular nightspot, the Dreamland Ballroom that housed jazz greats during north Omaha’s jazz heyday.

Korea-Vietnam Peace Memorial , 1976

by Keith James; John Snider


Mediums: Bronze, Brick

Location: Mid-Town; Omaha’s Memorial Park, 60th & Underwood Avenue Located directly to the south of the WWII Memorial in Memorial Park.

Owner: City of Omaha

Additional Information: The Korean-Vietnam Peace Memorial Committee, chaired by Korean War veteran William Ramsey, organized the project and fund-raising for the sculpture. The committed decided it should be a peace memorial rather than a war memorial because American servicemen have always fought to preserve peace rather than for conquest. The initial contribution of $1,000 (toward the $15,000 cost for the sculpture) was donated by Omaha Post 1 American Legion. Actor John Wayne sent a check and many families of servicemen contributed.

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