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(Baseball Player) , 1927

by Unknown


Mediums: Granite

Location: Mid-Town; Elmwood Park 68th and Leavenworth 100 yards North of the Grotto and 100 yards to the East of the Pavilion in the Park

Owner: City of Omaha

Additional Information: This baseball player, dubbed Bosco by some who didn’t appreciate his lack of style and grace, was atop a pedestal in Elmwood Park. Bocso was bronze and with the base, cost the Omaha Amateur Baseball Association $3500.00 in 1927. Made in a Chicago foundry, Bosco was dedicated in a ceremony in which a little girl doused him with a bottle of Elmwood spring water. The site for Bosco is adjacent to the Grotto (which had spring water) in Elmwood Park. Bosco remained on site until 1942 when he was dumped on a scrap-metal pile at 11th & Jackson streets during a collection campaign for “scrap metal for the war” (started by the Omaha World-Herald). A group of Central High School students freed Bosco with crowbars and wrenches and delivered him by truck to the collection site. There has been discussion over the years about replacing Bosco atop the remaining pedestal.

(Florence Nightengale)

by Harold W. Rambusch


Mediums: Metal

Location: Mid-Town; 333 Kiewit Tower, on the west end of the building.

Owner: Clarkson Hospital

A Molloscock's Inversion of Sky and Sea , 2010

by Tim Guthrie; Maggie Weber


Mediums: Mural, Paint

Location: Mid-Town; 6053 Binney Street west side of the Benson Professional Building

Owner: The Professional Building

Series: Benson Mural Project

Additional Information: In 2009, seven people gathered with the common purpose of transforming a portion of Benson’s environment through creative neighborhood projects. After much brainstorming they settled on a public art venture in the form of a mural project. The seven represented Leadership Omaha Class 31, itself a project of the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce. The group contacted Benson High School and 12 artists submitted their ideas.

Ad Magorem Dei Glorium , 1958

by James Ed Loftis


Mediums: Stone

Location: Mid-Town; Creighton Preparatory High School, 7400 Western Avenue East wall

Owner: Creighton Prep High School


by Michael Montag


Mediums: Bronze, Stone

Location: Mid-Town; Creighton Prep High School 7400 Western Ave Located on the North West side of the school

Owner: Creighton Prep High School

Art Before Silence , 2005

by Alyssa Denny


Mediums: Mural, Paint

Location: Mid-Town; Adventure in Art, 6001 Maple Street,

Owner: Adventure in Art

Additional Information: Kristi Pederson, owner of Adventure in Art, has always felt that troubled kids had a lot to say. They just sometime couldn't express themselves. With this in mind, she approached the local Drug Court and was allowed to do a presentation to all of the kids currently in the program. She held a contest and the winning design is what you see on the side of the building at my business. Almost all of the kids in Drug Court participated; from prep work to the actual painting of the mural and to the clean up stages as well. Alyssa Denny was the artist with the winning design.

Ascension , 2009

by Jake Balcom


Mediums: Steel

Location: Mid-Town; 6005 Underwood Avenue

Owner: City of Omaha

Additional Information: The sculpture was commissioned by the Dundee/Memorial Park Association with a gift from an anonymous donor. The artist chose the name Ascension because it felt like the sculpture was still evolving and it would keep growing larger and larger, rising to a monumental state.

Atomicity , 2004

by Ron Parks


Mediums: Steel

Location: Mid-Town; On the campus of UNO, southeast corner of Criss Library

Owner: University of Nebraska at Omaha

Additional Information: Installed in September of 2014

Axle , 1990

by Dan Boye


Mediums: Steel, Metal, Paint

Location: Mid-Town; 704 TAC Building, 3230 Burt Street. Located on the south side of Cumming Street and on the northeast side of the building.

Owner: Omaha Public Schools

Balametrix 2 , 2002

by Michael Godek


Mediums: Steel

Location: Mid-Town; Heartland Family Service,2101 South 42nd St.

Owner: Heartland Family Service

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