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Meg Saligman

Meg Saligman was born in Olean, New York in 1965. There she experimented with many kid friendly medias including finger paint, the etch-a-sketch, and play dough. She painted her first mural in 1989 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since then her talents have blossomed into an internationally recognized mural career. Her work has been influential from the very beginning. In Philadelphia, she was the first artist to include community members in the actual mural itself. One of Saligman’s greatest innovations was that she devised a system where people from communities could easily paint the murals themselves. This technique has enabled entire cities and even prison communities to participate in the public art making process. Saligman was the first artist to use a computer in the designing of murals here in Philadelphia. Her influence continues as she has developed many computer techniques that are widely used in the designing process. She currently is developing digital works incorporating LED and moving images.

Mediums: No specialty noted.

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Fertile Ground , 2008

by Meg Saligman


Mediums: Mural

Location: Downtown; Eastern wall of the Energy Systems Inc building on 13th and Webster

Owner: Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts

Additional Information: The Omaha Mural Project Fertile Ground is a creation of internationally renowned mural artist Meg Saligman. Saligman’s work tells the story of Omaha’s past, present, and future by featuring historical references, present-day communities, and portraying the passage of time with a unique “back to front” rather than “left to right” composition. At 32,500 sq ft, the mural is the largest public art project in the history of the city of Omaha as well as the largest singly funded mural in the nation. The mural features nearly 50 Omahans who were photographed at locations across the city. Each mural character symbolizes an aspect of life in Omaha.

Showing all 1 records.