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The Actors Procession

Finished in 1989

by: Milt Heinrich
Medium: Metal
Dimensions: 16' x 84'


Omaha Community Playhouse 6915 Cass


Sculpture, metal. 3-part patina sculpture on fa├žade of the Omaha Community Playhouse.

Additional Information

These three evocative figures represent the world of theater. The figure on the left is distinctly Greco-Roman - a reflection of the classical European theater tradition that may evoke Sophocles or Shakespeare, Sheridan or Shaw. The central image is of an Oriental female and is designed as a reminder that theater is an idiom common to all ages, all cultures and all people. The figure on the right is readily identifiable as Cervantes' Don Quixote. The fabled knight-errant welcomes playgoers, his lance indicating the entrance to the theater. Nearly 12,000 pounds of raw brass was used to create this sculpture which was a a gift of Marlene Jamrog and family in memory of longtime Playhouse friend, Jerry Jamrog. Completion of each sculpture required approximately 400 hours of work.